KNIPEX Innovations 2021

Answers to your questions!

After the presentation of our new products has gone down so well with you, you naturally have lots of questions. We are overwhelmed by your interest and are pleased that you like our new products so much.
Within this article we have now collected and answered all frequent questions regarding the KNIPEX BiX, the KNIPEX TwinGrip, the KNIPEX CutiX and the Pliers Wrench XS.
Find the german translations of all the answered Questions down below:


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find all the frequently asked questions regarding the KNIPEX BiX down below

When will the KNIPEX BiX® be available?

The KNIPEX BiX® is already available in Germany and will become available in the rest of the world soon. Keep an eye on our local pages and social media channels.


How much will the KNIPEX BiX® cost?

The RRP is €26.00.  


Does the KNIPEX BiX® also cut electrical installation pipes?

The KNIPEX BiX® cuts all non-reinforced plastic pipes with diameters between 20 and 50 mm and a maximum wall thickness of 2.4 mm, i.e. also corresponding electrical installation pipes. The only requirement is that the component must be round, so it will not cut cable ducts with a rectangular cross-section.


Does the KNIPEX BiX® also work with multi-layer composite pipes?

It even cuts foam core pipes, i.e. plastic pipes with foamed components in the wall, up to approx. 50 mm with a maximum wall thickness of 2.4 mm. However, metal-reinforced pipes and rigid PVC pipes (PVC-U) cannot be cut.


Are there spare parts?

Yes, there are replacement blades. The item number is 90 22 10 BK E01.







Find all the frequently asked questions regarding the KNIPEX TwinGrip down below


When will the KNIPEX TwinGrip be available?

It’s already available in the US. For the rest of the world, the KNIPEX TwinGrip will be available from September.


Where can I buy the KNIPEX TwinGrip?

Please ask your specialist dealer.


How much will the KNIPEX TwinGrip cost?

The RRP is €22.50 for the 82 01 200. For the 82 02 200 version the RRP is €25.45.


Why is the TwinGrip available in the USA first?

The new KNIPEX TwinGrip front gripping pliers have been sold first in the USA since June, as the product has a special status for this market. Pliers of this type are already widespread and popular there, which is why the colleagues at our US subsidiary KNIPEX Tools LP were not only heavily involved in the development but were also eagerly awaiting the product due to its special significance for this market. So, the decision was made to make the first production quantity available to the US market and - due to capacities - to supply all other markets with a slight delay.  


Will the KNIPEX TwinGrip be available in different sizes?

That has not yet been decided, but it is very likely. However, we cannot promise anything (yet).


Will there be an insulated VDE version?

The KNIPEX TwinGrip 82 01 200 and 82 02 200 will certainly not be our last slip-joint pliers. However, we cannot promise anything.





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Find all the frequently asked questions regarding the KNIPEX CutiX down below

When will the KNIPEX CutiX be available?

The KNIPX CutiX is already available in stores in Germany and will become available everywhere else soon. Keep an eye on our local pages and social media channels.


How much will the KNIPEX CutiX cost?

The RRP is €22.75.


What about the durability and load capacity of the stabilising bar in the case of dirt in the mechanics, for example?

During development, there were already some dust and load tests, which ensured that the mechanics were not negatively affected. Nevertheless, regular tool maintenance should not be neglected.


Is a version for left-handers planned?

Not yet, as this product category is completely new to us. However, we have passed this request on to product development. The KNIPEX CutiX can also be used by left-handers.


Will there be spare parts?

There are spare parts for the stabilising bar, the KNIPEX article number is 90 10 165 E01. Many standardised 18mm replacement blades fit into our KNIPEX CutiX, you can get these in specialist shops or even in the DIY store around the corner.


Is there a break-off aid?

No. Hopefully you will always have KNIPEX pliers to hand when you are working and you will break much faster with them than with any breaking aid.


Where is the KNIPEX CutiX manufactured?

The KNIPEX CutiX was developed at KNIPEX in Germany in our product development department. It is manufactured for us in close coordination by a leading expert in the field of magnesium alloys in Spain.






Pliers Wrench XS

Find all the frequently asked questions regarding the Pliers Wrench XS down below


When will the Pliers Wrench XS be available?

The Pliers Wrench XS will be available from September.